Re: WNILS archive

Joan Gargano <> Fri, 15 July 1994 17:35 UTC

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At 06:00 PM 7/15/94 +0200, Rickard Schoultz wrote:
>Joan wrote:
>> At 11:56 PM 7/14/94 +0200, Rickard Schoultz wrote:
>>>Does anyone have an archive of this list lying around? The
>>> file seems to be lost.
>There is a file there, but that is not the wnils archive.

My apologies.  I don't know what happened to it.  I checked it just a while
ago in response to a message and verified its contents.  Obviously it was
overwritten at some point.

I have reconstructed the archive from two files I had but it is missing some
messages.  The archive currently includes messages from Oct 1, 1992 - April
16, 1993 and January 11 1994 to present.  I can restore the middle chunk,
but it would be a big help if someone can make it available for anonymous
ftp and I will just insert it.

Thanks for your help and again my apologies.

Joan Gargano
Distributed Computing Analysis and Support
Information Technology - University of California, Davis
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