Re: Directory Services Work coordination proposal Mon, 15 November 1993 19:46 UTC

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Subject: Re: Directory Services Work coordination proposal
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	From: "Erik Huizer (SURFnet BV)" <>
	As a follow-up to this note I'd like to ask Sri to send out the
	list of WGs that OSI-DS identified so far, so we can get input
	on this from the WNILS people. Furthermore, I suggest that we
	try to finalise what we can thru E-mail discussions. Experience
	has shown that face to face meetings are needed however. I
	therefore propose that in Seattle we reserve a slot on monday
	morning where we (if still necessary) discuss the common
	issues, and create (:-) concensus. Whatever WGs we spin-off
	will benefit from this later that week.


---- Excerpt from the draft minutes OSIDS-Houston 5th Nov. -----

   Here is the WG list that was composed at the meeting, together
   with the possible chairperson.
     - Lightweight Protocols for Access and Synchronization
       (LDAP, CLDAP, SOS, SOLO, etc.) -- Tim Howes.
     - Data Structure and Schema Management (will use a design team 
       approach for schema issues; deal with Naming issues)
       -- Sri Sataluri.
     - Index Services and Distributed Search (Index DSAs, Centroids, 
       etc.) -- Simon Spero
     - Use of Directory for Network Management -- Glenn Mansfield
     - URN --> URL Resolution
     Comments from Participants:
     @ Jill Foster: Agreed with the need for the Data Structure and
       Schema group and asked that similar efforts in other groups
       should also be folded in.
     @ Ken Rossen: Split access and sync issues.
     @ Steve Kille: Please do not fragment the work into too many things.
     @ Sri Sataluri: There is widespread desire for creating a group
       to discuss operational issues. This motion was seconded later
       by Linda Millington, Mark Prior, and Arlene Getchell.
     @ Erik Huizer: Operations issues must be dealt with in the
       operations area. There are plans to create an IOTF (Internet
       Operations Task Force) since, in several projects the technical
       work is more or less finished and operations issues are becoming
       vital. Until the IOTF is formed use the IDS WG to get the operations
       work done.
     @ Simon Spero: In the IIIR WG meeting the issue of forming a WG to
       discuss Quality Assurance Issues for X.500, Gopher, WAIS, WHOIS++,
       etc. has been discussed. There will sure be a BOF at the Seattle
       IETF. A mailing-list is being formed to
       discuss the quality issues. To join, send a note to
       with the following body,
                     subscribe quality <your email address>