Re: Announcing whois++ server

Alan Emtage <> Mon, 02 August 1993 09:05 UTC

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Subject: Re: Announcing whois++ server

> Hopefully, Bunyip's implementation will be out at that time (Alan?). I
> would rather see efforts going into a "real" version rather than this
> experimental thing...

I hope to have it out later today (I have to split Aug 1 from Aug 2 first
though :-). Peter and I have to have a reconciliation pass through the
specs and figure out if what I coded is what the spec says. 

If you'd like to take a look at it before I release it, telnet to port 6969. I don't guarantee it won't crash and the
HELP stuff isn't in there yet. However most of the searching seems to
work and it's almost to the spec.... I'll have more details later. [BTW,
the "hold" constraint takes a value... you need to say hold=true].

Off to get a little shuteye....


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