Mosaic with beta whois++ extensions ready and available

Michael Mealling <> Mon, 23 May 1994 22:08 UTC

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Subject: Mosaic with beta whois++ extensions ready and available
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I've finished a basic whois++ protocol module  for Mosaic. There is a list of
featrues and non-features below. It's available via
<URL:> which is
a standard Mosaic distribution with whois++ additions.

Most of the code was written by Henrik Frystyk,, in
particular the state machine. I took his version and hacked it to
work with the older version of Mosaic's libwww. In the Mosaic-2.4.whois/libwww2
directory there is a HTCERNWhois.c which is the original version of 
Henrik's code. This is not an official part of the CERN libwww so don't
expect to see it anywhere else. Thanks Henrik! 

Since it has only been compiled on a Sun running Solaris2.3 there are
no gaurantees that it will work on your system. If you do anything to
HTWhois.c to get it to compile on your machine then send me a diff
file so I can add the changes.

Currently supported:

FULL format only
handles everything you can put on a whois++ command line but doesn't do 
 any integrity checking for correct formats or escape characters.
The code has a switch for all other Formats (hint hint hint!)
Breaks out handle and template info in a FULL for special handling.

Not supported:

<URL:whois://host:port/> is not supported. You have to give it some search 
term or command.

no integrity checking on a given whois++ command. It basically trusts
either the user or some link to give it a valid URL. I would like to 
be able to do this so spaces and such would be escaped correctly but
parsing a whois++ command is more than I had time for.

Any kind of template processing. I would like to have a forms based browser
but that will take some time. I'm investing my time in URN support in
Mosaic instead.

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