Re: Directory Services Work coordination proposal

John Curran <> Sat, 13 November 1993 09:28 UTC

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Subject: Re: Directory Services Work coordination proposal
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From: John Curran <>

] From: Masataka Ohta <>
] Subject: Re: Directory Services Work coordination proposal
] Date: Sat, 13 Nov 93 14:49:23 JST
] I think it the issue is not necessarily searching but the selection
] of the best servers.
] Selection by the client side is the issue to be solved by policy routing.
] That is, if a policy is rich enough to select the best route to some server,
] it is also good enough to select the server with the best route.

Hmm.   I agree with what you are saying, but would rather use the phrase 
"improved service architecture" as opposed to "policy routing".

Policy routing is one tool for getting end-to-end service with particular
characteristics, but there are others (such as resource reservation).
Refer to current ID as an example.

(Also, the phrase "policy routing" is also used heavily in the routing 
 side of the IETF, and does not imply ability to know the characteristics
 of a given path to the destination.)

] But, if we urgently need it some static scheme should be developed.

Agreed...   Having directory services do "the best they can" with respect
to path considerations is worthwhile; I just would not want to see a major
investment in this area given that changes to the service architecture may
result in much more accurate methods.