"Bug" with my whois++ server

Mark Prior <mrp@itd.adelaide.edu.au> Fri, 30 April 1993 10:15 UTC

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Subject: "Bug" with my whois++ server
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Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1993 09:07:29 +0930
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From: Mark Prior <mrp@itd.adelaide.edu.au>

It appears that I have left in a reference to a local attribute
(preferredName) in the person template. This will probably cause some
error messages from the DSA when it tries to retrieve the value for
this attribute if you haven't got this defined in your oidtables.

Your two choices are
  1. remove the reference (and make sure you don't compile with UOFA
  2. Grab a copy of the additions to the oidtables I am using from

To avoid beating these poor lists to death I have created a
"ldap-whois++" list to discuss problems, send fixes, etc., with my
server. If you want to get on this list please send a message to

General discussions about whois++ should still go to the ietf-wnils
list at UC Davis, and LDAP to the list at U Mich.