Pointers to whois++ documents

Chris Weider <clw@merit.edu> Tue, 16 November 1993 16:06 UTC

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Hi gang:
  Sorry for the delay on these... these are pointers to the whois++ specification

The Index service protocol is out as an Internet Draft, available from
any internet draft repository. One URL is
< URL:ftp:/nic.merit.edu/documents/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-wnils-whois-02.txt 

This was revised in October 1993, and is considered stable enough to be
submitted to the standard track.

The basic query protocol and basic server description is not yet available as
an Internet Draft. There is a spec floating around, but it needs two additions
before it will be submitted as an Internet Draft. (The addition of
MIME content types in the output format, and the addition of a query term
to ask for mesh information). However, people have been implementing
off of the current draft. If Peter is willing, perhaps we can put it up for
anonymous FTP at the wnils archive site. (This would also involve Joan's
permission :^) ). In the meantime, I am willing to send the query syntax 
paper out on a request basis, with the caveat that there will be some additions
and one should really be implementing from the upcoming Internet Draft.

If there are further questions, please let me know.
Chris Weider