Re: Character set issues again

John C Klensin <> Sat, 16 October 1993 01:37 UTC

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(1) We very much want to arrive at a solution for non-ASCII character
set issues that is as internet-wide as possible.  Adopting one
standardized and recommended solution for wnlis and another for, e.g.,
FTP or MIME would lead us into a Big Mess, to put it mildly.

(2) As you presumably know, the code set of UNICODE is identical to the
code set of the initial plane of ISO International Standard 10646, the
so-called Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP).  However, the conclusion of
the relevant international committees has been that BMP (Unicode) alone
is insufficient to handle several important languages in critical
contexts, notably some of the Asian ideographic languages.

(3) A WG is in the process of being defined and created to deal with
these issues across applications.  It will not meet in Houston, but can
be expected to meet in Seattle.  A mailing list is now available on
which these, and other, cross-applications character issues are
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(4) As a consequence of the above, while wnils can "officially endorse"
whatever it likes, this issue is out of its scope of work.

   John Klensin
   Co-Area Director for Applications