Re: Looking for whois++ clients/servers

Rickard Schoultz <> Thu, 14 July 1994 22:02 UTC

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To: David Schreiber <>
Subject: Re: Looking for whois++ clients/servers
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From: Rickard Schoultz <>

 David Schreiber <> wrote:

> I'm been reviewing various Whois++ documents, as part of a project
> here at SRI, and would like to know what's available in terms of
> actual whois++ implementations (both publically available software and
> servers).
> Thanks.
> -Dave Schreiber


There are a couple of servers, some which have bundled clients,
out there.  I do not think, however, that many of them are
supporting the very latest version of the draft, but we will get
an update and review some of the experience of implementing that
during the Toronto meeting in two weeks. 

I have abandoned it in favor of writing a real-code-server, but
you can get an idea of whois++ by looking at my prototype perl
server which is available at:

Looking back in my copies of the wnils list archive I find
references to a couple of other servers:

Bunyips whois++ server and library:

Mark Priors X.500 DUA Interface using LDAP:

Martin Hamiltons perl server: