Whois++ Client API available for testing (FORWARD)

"Jeff R. Allen" <jallen@muddcs.cs.hmc.edu> Mon, 15 May 1995 07:47 UTC

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Subject: Whois++ Client API available for testing (FORWARD)

[ My apologies to those of you who see this twice. I am aiming for a
  very wide distribution, since directory service people are generally
  subscribed to so many different lists. If you respond, please be
  sure to respond only to me. ]

The short announcement:

Please check out my homepage for info about WCL 2.0 alpha. See
for more info. Web-impaired readers my FTP the package from the
following directory:

The long announcement:

The Whois++ Client API and Library (version 2.0 alpha) is available
for testing. Included is an implementation of the API mentioned on
these lists earlier this month. Also included is a sample client,
which, via a tty-interface, can be used to query Whois++ servers. The
library implements server connection caching, query management
(including an implementation of the mesh traversal algorithm), and
result parsing. Finally, there is an WWW gateway included, which
relies on the command-line client for lookups.

Please take a look at the software and try running it against your
favorite server. The default is the HMC Computer Science experimental
server, which you may also like to try out. WCL is known to compile
under Solaris 2.3, Irix 5.3, and HP-UX 9.0.1. Both ports so far were
effortless, since the code is strictly ANSI and POSIX compliant. You
should be able to compile it on your machine with little effort too.

Based on initial comments I get, I'll be releasing another version in
the near future. Only through your help can I improve this tool.
Future plans for the package include a Perl 5 interface, a Tk-Perl
(v5) example client, and a contrib directory with YOUR clients in it.

Once again, you can either access info about the library from either:

A note about reaching me: I will be away from my main Internet
provider for the next 7-9 days. (I know this is a horrible time to be
gone, but you will just have to read the READMEs to answer your
questions!) I will be able to get some Internet mail, though. If you
want me to read your mail in the next week, put "FORWARD" (all-caps) in
the subject line.

Thanks for your interest!

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