Re: snmp over X.25

Fred Baker <> Thu, 11 August 1994 21:49 UTC

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At  9:50 AM 8/11/94 -0400, Ragnar Paulson wrote:
>> SNMP is designed within the IP framework, which presumes that SNMP runs on
>> UDP, which in turn runs on IP. IP can run on many things, including X.25.
>> Therefore, the stock answer is that you should use SNMP/UDP/IP/X.25. This
>> solves both of your problems.

>I beg to differ.  My understanding is that SNMP is designed to work on
>any connectionless transport service.  While most implementations have
>been for UDP, there is no reason it cannot work over the OSI Connectionless
>Transport Service (CLTS) in an X.25 environment.

SNMP was originally designed in the IP environment, and yes, one can now
also run it on CLTS/CLNS, IPX, and DDP. There is a defined way to run it on
Ethernet, and if you ask you can probably coerce a NLPID out
of him for X.25 service.

My point was/is that Mr Melnikov was looking for a solution specific to
X.25, which is not defined, and wondering how that would gateway to a
TCP/IP domain. Running IP throughout achieves both; running CLTS in the
X.25 domain gets SNMP around on X.25, but doesn't solve his gateway

It's also useful to be able to run a production manager somewhere, such as
Sun Net Manager or HP Openview. Some of these managers are being ported to
other stacks, but the ones that are well debuggged and widely available
don't run on CLTS.

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