X.25 SNMP Questions

Don W Lechthaler <lech@world.std.com> Wed, 10 March 1993 21:54 UTC

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I was given this mail address by someone at Wollohgong as a starting
point for questions concerning SNMP management of X.25 equipment. I have
the following questions:

- Is this the proper place to pose questions ? If not, where ? Does a 
users group of any kind exist ? 

If this is the right place for questions:

- Does anybody know of a commercially available NMS that supports SNMP via
X.25 transport ?

- How does one handle a multiple-port, multiple protocal piece of equipment
MIB wise ? I've got MIB II, X.25 Packet Layer and LAPB MIBS, but I'm not
quite sure how they all fit together (if they in fact do). Especially with
respect to multiple ports.

I'm just getting into this (obviously). I have to write an agent for our
X.25 equipment and it appears that the agent is one major problem, but an
equal problem will be the manager it speaks to.

Any help or direction would be much appreciated.


Don Lechthaler
SFA Datacomm Inc.