snmp over X.25

"Aleksey V. Melnikov" <> Thu, 11 August 1994 05:03 UTC

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From: "Aleksey V. Melnikov" <>
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Date: Thu, 11 Aug 1994 10:08:53
Subject: snmp over X.25
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    Dear Sir,

     Since end of 1993 our R&D group follows researches in the 
    field of X.25 network management. We try to apply 
    various approaches, with use of our own management 
    protocols and standard ones. Now we start to work with 
    the SNMP. There are a lot of documents on applying the SNMP,
    but some questions still stays untransparent for us. 
    Would you please give us some help here, or refer to literature.
    The questions are:
        - How to use SNMP over X.25 network ?
          We have checked RFC 1449 for it, but had not got       
          clear answer.       
        - Are there any specifications on use SNMP in heterogenous
          networks. I mean is it possible to pass SNMP requests
          from one type of network to another. 
          Could I make, for example, such scheme:
                 TCP/IP network   
             |                      |
          +--+--+                +--+--+    X.25 network   +-----+
          |  A  |                |  B  +-------------------+  C  +--
          +--+--+                +--+--+                   +-----+
           host                   host                  packet switch  
        The questions is:
        How host A interchange SNMP information with packet switch C,
        and how host B redirect it ?
        Thank you in advance for your help.
                                        Aleksey Melnikov
                                        Software engineer        

Aleksey V. Melnikov      Russia, Novosibirsk, 
tel. (383-2)35-07-25     Academy of Sciences, Siberian branch
                         Institute of Automatition and Electrometry