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*** Sorry about the previous mail! Somehow I lost the body of the 
*** message!!!  Here's what I meant to send:

> ...
> >- Does anybody know of a commercially available NMS that supports SNMP via
> >X.25 transport ?
> ...
> Don -
> I believe that the simple solution is to run the SNMP over UDP/IP over
> X.25, even if you are not otherwise using TCP/IP.  This is then trivial
> to support from any SNMP-capable NMS.
> This rubs some folks the wrong way, but it is really the simplest and
> most logical approach, IMHO.
> -- Scott Marcus

Keeping in mind that I also think using IP over X.25 for an NMS provides
the best and simplest approach, there are also some pitfalls to consider.  
X.25 has network delays that some NMSs don't handle too well.  For example 
a live node could be incorrectly marked as down because the NMS didn't 
receive a response from it quick enough.  In some of our networks
we see pings taking from 2 to 10 seconds.  These delays don't always
work too well in an NMS designed for speedy LANs.  Another pitfall 
is that IP headers increase the total traffic being put over X.25.

While these pitfalls could cause concern they are a better approach
than building your own proxy agent.

-Eric Skuratowicz
  •   Eric Skuratowicz