Registration of media type application/xhtml-voice+xml

Gerald McCobb <> Wed, 13 July 2005 16:33 UTC

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Subject: Registration of media type application/xhtml-voice+xml
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From: Gerald McCobb <>
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I asked the IESG to postpone the publication of the 
application/xhtml-voice+xml media type as an informational RFC.  The 
registration is not correct.  It should be application/xhtml+voice+xml. 
The application/xhtml+voice+xml media type was the original submission.

There is an issue with the original submission:

One of the reviewers pointed out that "a certain class of error could be 
avoided by renaming this application/xhtml-plus-voice+xml... I don't know 
of any other "+xml" [see RFC3023] media types that have a "+" in the 
name... a poorly-constructed regexp looking for +xml along the lines of 
/\+(.*)$/  would miss this one."

I believe this argument is not strong enough to prevent approval of the 
application/xhtml+voice+xml media type:

1. In particular there is the work in the W3C Compound Document Format 
(CDF) working group.  They are looking at defining a single media type 
that will handle the many possible document format combinations of XHTML, 
SVG, Voice, SMIL, XForms, etc.  This media type may include multiple "+" 
put in a profile attribute.

2. The argument for having "+" in the subtype is unconvincing, given that 
the simplest method to determine if something is XML is also the safest, 
that is, if the last four characters are "+xml" or "/xml" then the 
document is XML, otherwise it is not. If that has to be done with regexps, 
instead of just examining the last four bytes, that would be /[/+]xml$/. 
If type and subtype were split already it would be /\+?xml$/ for the 

Gerald McCobb
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"Scott Hollenbeck" <>;
07/12/2005 06:09 PM
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        Subject:        RE: application/xhtml-voice+xml vs. 

That registration was just added.  The author has been asked to review it
and confirm correctness.  He hasn't replied yet.  I've cc'd him here to 
him know about the issue.


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> From: Bruce Lilly [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 4:08 PM
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> Subject: application/xhtml-voice+xml vs. application/xhtml-vocie+xml
> draft-mccobb-xplusv-media-type-04 provides a registration 
> template for type application/xhtml-voice+xml.  The IANA 
> registry now has an entry for application/xhtml-vocie+xml (i 
> and c transposed in voice).
> Can this be fixed, please.  Hopefully, nobody else has 
> noticed the ...vocie... type and it can be safely elided...