[xml2rfc] DTD modifications for multi-paragraph lists

fenner at research.att.com (Bill Fenner) Wed, 30 August 2006 07:29 UTC

From: "fenner at research.att.com"
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 07:29:34 +0000
Subject: [xml2rfc] DTD modifications for multi-paragraph lists
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>Maybe this is a case for the novice/expert switch - warnings about mixed 
>t/lt/list at the same level for novices - self-declared experts allowed 
>to mire themselves in shameful inconsistency.

Experts can write xslt transforms from their desired input schema
into the rfc2629bis schema ;-)

>From ned.freed at mrochek.com  Wed Aug 30 16:56:06 2006
From: ned.freed at mrochek.com (Ned Freed)
Date: Wed Aug 30 15:59:43 2006
Subject: [xml2rfc] 1.31 formatting nit
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> Bill Fenner schrieb:
> >> 2) That being said, people want paragraph breaks in list items. We
> >> really should fix the rfc2629 DTD in some way to allow this, so people
> >> don't have to fall back to ugly hacks such as <vspace> (which is
> >> presentational, not semantical markup).
> >
> > I think this is sensible to brainstorm about, since it's something that
> > has been asked for a lot.  Something like:
> >
> > <!ELEMENT list  (t+|lt+)>
> > <!ELEMENT lt    (t|list)+>
> > <!ATTLIST lt
> >           hangText    %ATEXT;            #IMPLIED>
> >
> > Single-paragraph lists could still use <list><t>... for backwards
> > compatability, new lists would be formatted with <lt>..</lt> wrappers
> > around each item:
> > <list><lt><t/><t/></lt><lt><t/></lt></list>?
> >
> > (A list should only be allowed to have t+ or lt+, not a mixture,
> >  to avoid confusion (always wrap or never wrap))

> Sounds good to me.

I've long thought the lack of a list item/list element tag and the resulting
overloading of <t> this casues is a design error in xml2rfc. This solution
seems like the best way out given that we have to maintain backwards

>From julian.reschke at gmx.de  Thu Aug 31 10:09:10 2006
From: julian.reschke at gmx.de (Julian Reschke)
Date: Thu Aug 31 00:09:26 2006
Subject: [xml2rfc] rfc2629.xslt vs Opera 9.0.1
Message-ID: <44F68B16.60304@gmx.de>


finally, there's an in-browser XSLT engine that is good enough for 
rfc2629.xslt, and which doesn't require Windows. Thanks to the Opera 
developers for first adding the node-set extension function in 9.0.1, 
and then to also identify a minor bug in their implementation that 
caused the top section to be scrambled (for which I added a tiny 
workaround in the XSLT code).

Fresh version at: <http://greenbytes.de/tech/webdav/rfc2629xslt.zip>

Best regards, Julian