[xml2rfc] Including ENTITIES

dbharrington at comcast.net (David B Harrington) Wed, 26 April 2006 13:48 UTC

From: dbharrington at comcast.net (David B Harrington)
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 13:48:50 +0000
Subject: [xml2rfc] Including ENTITIES
Message-ID: <026001c66972$b9247400$0400a8c0@china.huawei.com>
X-Date: Wed Apr 26 13:48:50 2006


I am writing a template for MIB module documents, that I eventualy
might submit to be merged with the existng tempates for xml2rfc.

My template lays out the xml2rfc file with certain required
boilerplates, and with the sections ordered in a preferred order, and
so on, to help the MIB Doctors perform their reviews more quickly and
efficiently. One factor that applies to MIB modules is that they have
a MIB Definitions section that contains a MIB module that should be
passed through a validator such as smilint.
I am looking for a mechanism to "include" a text file (i.e., a MIB
module that can run through a MIB compiler) into an xml2rfc document
in a manner that is XML-valid (i.e. not using the xml2rfc include

I tried using an ENTITY, but xml2rfc didn't like it when I referenced
it as &mibfile; in a <figure><artwork> context. I suspect it didn't
like it because &mibfile; should refer to an external parsed general

Would xml2rfc be able to support an unparsed entity:
<!ENTITY foo-mib STSTEM "foo.mib" NDATA mib>
<artwork mib='foo-mib'>
Or somwething similar?

Any suggestions?

David Harrington
FutureWei Technologies, a Huawei company