YANG modules related tools.

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Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 18:17:45 +0200
Subject: YANG modules related tools.
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Dear all,

Joe and I presented the YANG catalog <https://www.yangcatalog.org> set 
of tools at the IETF today.
You might find this summary interesting.

Regards, Benoit

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Dear all,

Thanks for the call today.
In terms of YANG modules extraction, validation, module details, impact 
analysis, tree view, regular expression validation, we have some tools 
for you.
Remember that YANG modules alone, without tooling and related module 
details (metadata), is not sufficient. And timing to finalize the 
specifications is key.
All these tools are available from yangcatalog.org

_Extraction, 3 sources of information_
 ??? #1 datatracker: ex: 
https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-acee-netmod-rfc8022bis/ => YANG 
 ??? ??? ??? it provides both the extraction and validation errors/warnings
 ??? #2 http://www.claise.be/IETFYANGPageCompilation.html => the one I 
use on a daily basis
 ??? #3 http://www.yangvalidator.org/ => need to be updated

The most complete set of information comes from 
It is used as input for the "module details" in the yangcatalog.org

_Module Details (Metadata)_
 ??? ex: 
 ??? All metadata are documented 

_Impact Analysis_

_Tree View:_
 ??? ex: 

_Regular Expression_
 ??? This is work in progress and will be posted to yangcatalog.org
 ??? The exact content of the YANG pattern

_NMDA compliant_
 ??? Rob Wilton has a transition tool

_How to contribute?_
 ??? Participate to the IETF hackathon to work on tools
 ??? Share your (vendor, SDO, etc.) YANG modules:

_Tools to create an IETF draft?_
 ??? There are tools, but not (yet) part of the yangcatalog.org
 ??? More of a believer in a different way of working:
 ??? ??? Semantic Versioning and Structure for IETF Specifications

For question on the yangcatalog.org?
info at yangcatalog.org <mailto:info at yangcatalog.org>.

For announcement on the yangcatalog.org?
<https://www.marcuscom.com/mailman/listinfo/yangcatalog-announce> to 
*announce at yangcatalog.org*.

Regards, Benoit.