Search Query Syntax


Terms are searched for in the message subject line and message body.


By default terms are combined with the logical AND operator. For example, a search for 'ipv6 collision' returns documents containing both 'ipv6' and 'collision'. Use OR to find documents containing either term, 'ipv6 OR collision'. Use Parenthesis to create more complex queries, '( term1 OR term2 ) AND term3'.

Exclude Terms

Use a '-' to exclude a term from the search. For example 'android -phone' will find documents that contain 'android' but do not contain 'phone'.


Use double quotes to find documents containing an exact phrase.


Search specific fields of the email header by prefixing the search term with [field]:. Supported fields are: from, to, subject, and msgid. For example: "".


Trailing wildcards are supported. ie. "wildc*" will match "wildcard", "wildcat".


The mail archive uses the Elasticsearch Engine, Query String Syntax.