point-multipoint cross connect

Sherry Yang <yangs@nortel.ca> Wed, 14 May 1997 00:22 UTC

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I have a question regarding to point to multi-point cross connection.

If a user wants to set up a point to multi-point connection, 
according to RFC1695, he needs to use the same atmVpCrossConnectIndex
to create the N entries in the table. However, the
atmVpCrossConnectIndex is supplied by agent on switch through
get on atmVpCrossConnectIndexNext. How would
the switch know this is a point to multi-point connection thus
give the same atmVpCrossConnectIndex?

From RFC1695:
               -- The ATM VP Cross Connect Group
               -- models each bi-directional VPC
               -- cross-connect as a set of entries in
               -- the atmVpCrossConnectTable. A
               -- point-to-point VPC cross-connect is modeled
               -- as one entry; a point-to-multipoint (N leafs) VPC
               -- cross-connect as N entries in this table; and
               -- a multipoint-to-multipoint (N parties) VPC cross-
               -- connect as N(N-1)/2 entries in this table.
               -- In the latter cases, all the N (or N(N-1)/2) entries
               -- are associated with a single VPC cross-connect by
               -- having the same value of atmVpCrossConnectIndex.

Thanks for your help.

Sherry Yang
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