Survey results : Comments (Jason) Tue, 04 June 1991 22:12 UTC

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Subject: Survey results : Comments

	Something else that l forgot to add to the last message :

	Would it be possible to get each of the actual X.500 implementations
to include a section on how their implementation handles the areas that 
the standard avoids. ie: access control, replication, etc.
	It might be useful to see whether or not some of non-Quipu
implementations have devised their own interim solution or not. If you think
this might be useful maybe you could give me the list of people who sent you
the messages and l'll get in contact with them...

	Also, the implementations that say "based on ...". Do they provide
any further information ? What, is it exactly the same as the version it is 
based on or have they taken the original implementation and improved it out
of sight ?