X.500 Discussion Groups?

Dawn Simon <Dawn_Simon.Q_Z@m1mail.sbi.com> Mon, 09 September 1991 22:30 UTC

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From: Dawn Simon <Dawn_Simon.Q_Z@m1mail.sbi.com>
Subject: X.500 Discussion Groups?
To: disi, rlang@nisc.sri.com, wright@lbl.gov

                       Subject:                               Time:6:22 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          X.500 Discussion Groups?               Date:9/9/91
I'm a network engineer and student looking for a good source of information on
the X.500 advances to date. I've found the Inernet Draft of "Directory
Information Services" (and your addresses)	and am now looking for a discussion
group that would allow me to listen-in.    Any suggestions?