For your Information Lotus CC:-mail X.500 plans

Erik Huizer <> Fri, 13 November 1992 09:54 UTC

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Date:    Tue, 10 Nov 92 11:10:48 -0800
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Subject: Re[2]: cc:Mail & Directory Services (today)

     This is how we'll initially approach X.500.  (This
     document describes how it works today with NetWare
     and Banyan.)

     In the mid-term, we'll also provide exits so that
     other (non-cc:Mail provided) directories can be
     accessed from within cc:Mail.


cc:Mail Directory Services
cc:Mail Directory Services allows the names of users 
that are entered into the Novell Bindery and Banyan 
StreetTalk name services to be automatically 
maintained in the cc:Mail Directory.  Administrators 
of large networks with significant user turnover can 
save hours each week.  
In effect, cc:Mail Directory Services allows 
organizations to take advantage of the name service of 
their network operating systems without locking them 
into it.  It is also ideal for organizations that have 
more than one type of network operating system 
installed and want to easily present a unified image 
to their cc:Mail users.
Handles additions, changes and deletions
- ----------------------------------------
cc:Mail Directory Service will process any user 
additions to the network operating system that have 
occured since it was last run.  Similarly, changes and 
deletions are also reflected in the cc:Mail Directory.  
This allows updates to the Directory to be done at a 
time of the administrator's choosing, such as when 
network traffic is low.
Automate it with cc:Mail Gateway's "Task Manager"
- -------------------------------------------------
cc:Mail Directory Services can be run by the 
administrator from the DOS prompt at any time.  For 
example, it could be added to the batch file used to 
launch the network operating system (NOS) utility used 
to make changes in the NOS directory.  In addition, 
many administrators will automate it so that it will 
run nightly (or more often if desired).  This is 
accomplished with a cc:Mail Gateway Batch File (v3.21 
or later of cc:Mail Gateway is required).
Benefits available users on LANs with Novell or Banyan
- ------------------------------------------------------
Although cc:Mail Directory Services runs initially 
under DOS, it is important to understand that the 
changes made to the cc:Mail Directory are available to 
all cc:Mail clients (including DOS, OS/2, Mac and 
Works with Automatic Directory Exchange
- ---------------------------------------
The changes made to the cc:Mail Directory by cc:Mail 
Directory Services can be reflected in other cc:Mail 
Post Offices using cc:Mail's Automatic Directory 
Exchange, although Automatic Directory Exchange is not 
required by cc:Mail Directory Services.  
Can be used with the cc:Mail Admin program
- ------------------------------------------
Administrators can continue to use the cc:Mail Admin 
program with cc:Mail Directory Services.  For example, 
the cc:Mail Admin program can be used to add laptop 
users who call in to the network for their mail (since 
they may not have accounts on the network).
Flexible use of NOS information
- -------------------------------
A default association of information in the NOS with 
information in the cc:Mail Directory is provided.  For 
example, in NetWare, the "Full Name" field is used for 
the cc:Mail Name field.  This association can be 
changed by the administrator.  For example, the 
NetWare "Login Name" field could be used for the 
cc:Mail Name.
Define which users go to which Post Office
- ------------------------------------------
cc:Mail Directory Services can be used in very simple 
networks with a single server and a single Post 
Office, of course.  But, it also can be used in much 
more complex configurations.  The Administrator can 
define which users go to each Post Office and whether 
they are entered as "Local" or "Remote".  For example, 
all users on Server1 and Server2 could be added to 
PostOfficeA.  Or all users in the group "Marketing" 
could be added to PostOfficeB.  It's up to the 
Exclude certain "users" if desired
- ----------------------------------
On many networks, there are "users" that the 
Administrator doesn't want in the cc:Mail Directory.  
There might be a user account that is defined for use 
by a 3270 gateway for example.  Or an account that is 
used by a print server.  The Administrator can exclude 
these names from the cc:Mail Directory.
X.500 and other network operating systems
- -----------------------------------------
In the future, cc:Mail Directory Services will be 
extended to cover other environments such as X.500, 
other network operating systems, etc...  cc:Mail 
Directory Services is based on cc:Mail's Third 
Generation Architecture and uses the object oriented 
cc:Mail Message Engine.  The use of the Message Engine 
allows more rapid enhancements to both Directory 
Services and other cc:Mail products since they access 
each other through a modular interface. 
Packaging and availability
- --------------------------
cc:Mail Directory Services will be packaged, at no 
additional charge, with:
- - cc:Mail DOS Platform Pack v3.21 and later
- - cc:Mail Windows Platform Pack v1.1 and later
Users of networks that are all Macintosh or all OS/2 
will be able to obtain a copy free of charge by 
calling cc:Mail and providing proof of purchase.  
These new versions will ship in the month of October 
- --------
cc:Mail Directory Services will be available at no 
additional charge to users of cc:Mail via the cc:Mail 
Bulletin Board (415-691-0401, 8-N-1) and cc:Mail's 
CompuServe forum (GO LOTUSB, Section 11).  It will 
also be available as an upgrade for $75.  These 
upgrades will be available in October 1991.
The upgrade to cc:Mail DOS Platform Pack, v3.21 
contains no other major changes.  The primary reason 
for the new version in the DOS platform pack is the 
addition of Directory Services. The upgrade to cc:Mail 
Windows Platform Pack,v 1.1, however, contains many 
enhancements to the Windows client in addition to 
Directory Services.

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