Re: 50 people vs. newman

"D. J. Bernstein" <> Tue, 05 August 1997 21:53 UTC

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Subject: Re: 50 people vs. newman
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> Your blantant commercialism pushing your own product

qmail is free software. I have no financial interest in it.

You may have trouble with this concept, but some people do things for
the good of the community, with no prospect of remuneration.

> I request that you withdraw your remark and appologize. 

Are you denying that Newman's system is inferior? For example, do you
claim that it handles existing usernames containing "+"?

> In you I see little but intrasigence and name calling. 

Your entire contribution to this discussion has been a series of vague
attacks---a transparent attempt to distract attention from the specific
objections I have raised to Newman's proposal.

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