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From: a.galis (Alex Galis)
Subject: GLOBCOM'96 - London U.K. / 18-22 November 1996
Cc: a.galis@busby, c.todd@busby

Dear All,

In the name of the Organising Committee I am pleased to invite you   to
attend GLOBCOM'96 Telecommunications Conference organised by IEEE in London
( 18th - 22nd November 1996).

Yours sincerely
Alex Galis
University College London


 18th - 22nd November 1996
 Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster, London

 "Communications: The Key to Global Prosperity"

 This major international communications conference, held annually for some
 25 years, is to be hosted in London for its first staging in Europe.
  Sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society and in conjunction with the
 IEE, Globecom  96 aims to attract 1000+ of the leading telecommunication
 development engineers, academics, operators and manufacturers from all parts
 of the world.

 The Conference will consist of 50 Technical Sessions (in 9 parallel tracks),
 6 Sessions of a  Mini-Conference on Communications Theory, 4 Sessions of a
 Mini-Conference called "IEEE Global Internet '96" and 4 Panel Session
 discussions on key Business Topics over the 3 days (Tuesday 19th, Wednesday
 20th and Thursday 21st November 1996).  On Monday 18th and Friday 22nd
 November there will be some 27 half-day equivalent sessions devoted to
 Tutorials and Workshops on key Hot Topics.  Throughout the week there will
 be a 20 stand Exhibition of sponsoring companies, publishers and future
 ComSoc Conferences.  In addition there will be a separate Exhibition on
 Internet and related telecomms topics.

 Hot Topics

 The Hot Topics below have been identified by the ComSoc Technical
 Committees. These titles have been accepted by the Globecom '96 Technical
 Programme Committee as forming a basis on which to assemble Technical
 Session and Tutorials etc.

  - Advances in PCS
  - Wireless ATM
  - Advanced switching architectures for broadband networks
  - Network issues in wireless communications
  - Distributed Software Challenges
  - Software Support for Interactive MultiMedia Services and Applications
  - Wireless Communication and ATM
  - Towards ATM Switching Systems with Terabit/s Capacity
  - Signal Processing for Multimedia Services
  - Advanced VLSI Signal Processing in Communications
  - Quality of service for advanced communication services (PCS, Multimedia,
  - Software engineering technologies and experience to Improve and sustain
 network quality objectives
  - Mobile Satellite Communications
  - Satellite Communications for Broadband Networks
  - Security and Privacy in the GII/NII
  - Multicasting
  - Multimedia over the Internet
  - Interactive Video Applications and Supporting Technologies
  - Optical Access Networks and New Services Development
  - Very High-Speed ( OC-192) Optical Transmission

 Panel Sessions

 These will consist of short presentations followed by discussion, lead by a
 group of the leading Global Players on the Topics of:-

 1. Visions of the 21st Century
 2. Wireless revolution towards global roaming
 3. The Information highway - market and service provider perspectives
 4. Service and quality: customer's perceptions

 Tutorials and Workshops - mixture of full and half day Sessions

 The  titles and leaders are:

 Monday tutorials and workshop
 T01  Telecommunications Management Network:- Standards, Implementation and
 Applications (Veli Sahin, NEC America Inc)
 T02   Introduction to ATM (Khosrow Sohraby, IBM)
 T03   GSM - Recent Advances and Future Developments (Paul Kakaes, Cosmos
 Communications Consulting)
 T04   Traffic Modelling and Management in Wireless Communications Systems
 (am) (Sirin Tekinay, Bell Northern Research)
 T05   Modelling and Transmission issues for VBR video over B-ISDN Networks
 (am) (Dr Ghanbari, University of Essex)
 T06  High Speed Wireless Data (Len Cimini, AT&T Bell Laboratories and Andrea
 Goldsmith, California Institute of Technology)
 T07  JAVA (Prof John N Daigle)
 T08  The Intelligent Network and Mobile System Control (pm) (Prof Bijan
 Jabbari, George Mason University)
 T09  Iterative Turbo-Decoding (pm) (Joachim Hagenauer, TU Munich)
 T10  Interactive Multimedia over the Internet (pm) (Mark Handley and Ian
 Wakemen, UCL and Sussex University)
 W01  Very-high-speed Digital Subscriber Lines (Prof John M Cioffi, Stanford

 Friday tutorials and workshop
 T11  Mobile and Multimedia Satellite Systems (Dr K M S Murthy, VISTAR
 T12  Spread Spectrum Systems for PCS (Elvino S Sousa, University of Toronto)
 T13  Mobility Management in TCP/IP Networks (Dr Zygmunt Haas, Cornell
 T14  Operation and Management of Multi-Wavelength Optical Networks (am) (Dr
 Mari Maeda, Bell Communications Research)
 T15  Internet IP Security (am) ( Ran Atkinson, Internet Security)
 T16  Adaptive Antennas for Wireless Systems (pm) (Jack Winters, AT&T Bell
 T17  IP and ATM - Enterprise Internetworking (pm) (David Ginsburg, CISCO
 W02  Transport Protocols for High-Speed Broadband Networks (Douglas J Hoder,

 Although the Call-for-Paper deadline is March 1st 1996, further details of
 the Globecom  96 Technical Programme are available from Professor Hamid
 Aghvami, Tel: + 44 171 873 2898, Fax: + 44 171 836 4781, E-mail:

 CO1  Mini-Conference - Communications Theory

 This will consist of 6 Sessions running as a separate stream in parallel
 with the Main Sessions from Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st November.

 For further details contact General Chair, F Marvasti at
 fam@orion.eee.kcl.ac.uk or for Call for Papers contact the Technical
 Programme Chair, Enzin Bigliori at biglieri@polito.it

 C02  Mini-Conference - IEEE Global Internet '96

 This will consist of Technical Sessions, Panel Sessions, Tutorials, Keynote
 Speeches and major player Demonstrations and Exhibits on the subject of the
 Internet.  The main sessions of the mini-conference are on Wednesday 20th
 and Thursday 21st November.  If successful, this may be the first of a new
 annual IEEE ComSoc Conference on the topic.

 For further details contact John Crowcroft at j.crowcroft@cs.ucl.ac.uk

 London has of course, many tourist attractions and shopping facilities.
  Opposite the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre (QEIICC) is Westminster
 Abbey with the Houses of Parliament, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham
 Palace and St. James s Park all within close walking distance.  Globecom  96
 have organised a range of tours and social functions. These are:-

 SO1-Panoramic London Tour - Monday 18th (am) and Wednesday 20 November (pm)
 SO2-St James's Walking Tour - Monday 18th (am)
 SO3-Churchill War Rooms - two tours organised for Tuesday 19th November (am
 or pm)
 SO4-Westminster Abbey - two tours organised for Tuesday 19th November (am or
 SO5-Thames Dinner Cruise - Tuesday 19th November (evening)
 SO6-Windsor Castle and Runnymede - Wednesday 20th November (am)
 SO7-Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford - Thursday 21st November (all day)

 Three post conference tours to Edinburgh(PO1), Paris(PO2) and Bath(PO3) have
 also been organised commencing Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th November.

 On Tuesday 19th November there will be an IEEE Awards Luncheon in the QEIICC
 and on Wednesday evening (20th November) a Conference Banquet will be held
 in the Banqueting Suite of Whitehall Palace which was built in 1620 for King
 James 1st of England and Scotland.

 Some 1000 bedrooms have been reserved in the area of the QEIICC, all within
 10-20 minutes walk or 2-3 stops on the Underground - Circle Line - nearest
 stations St. James's Park and Westminster.  Prices range from ?30 - ?120 per
 night per room.

 Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, near London, between them serve more
 International Destinations and Passengers than anywhere else.  Special
 discounted airfares are available from British Airways, when booking through
 one of their offices and quoting reference CIC*115/30.

 Within London, the network of Tube Trains, Buses and Taxis offer frequent
 services to all local destinations.

 Fuller, updated information is available via the Globecom '96 WWW homepage,

 If you would like a copy of the Early Registration form faxed to you, please
 complete your details below and return via mail, fax or e-mail to Jane
 Chopping (as below).  Note that a version of the Registration form will
 appear on the WWW pages above from mid June '96.

 To:  Jane Chopping
      IEE Conference      Tel:      +44 171 344 5469
      Savoy Place         Fax: +44 171 497 3633
      London              E-mail:   jchopping@iee.org.uk
      WC2R 0BL, UK












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