Re: A message from the new Area Director

Bob Stewart <> Wed, 14 April 1993 19:28 UTC

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Subject: Re: A message from the new Area Director

OK, guys, we're on notice that we need to make some progress.  I'm going to do
what I can to help, but I have to be careful of how much time I spend, since
the folks who pay me have been making increased demands for more direct
contributions to the company's needs.

Jeff was the one who had contributed the most leadership in this group, so I'm
going to need help from active, commenting contributors.  We need to get our
document cleaned up, the sooner the better.

It seems we're converging on a new model, with a remaining issue about
multiple entities being able to claim the same resource.  Take some time, read
the document, make suggestions for improvements, and, most importantly, test
some real chassis implementations against the whole MIB, especially you folks
that sell chassis systems.  We need a reality check.

I happen to know for a fact that the MIB as of the last draft contains some
straightforward, undisputed technical errors.  If you can't find them, your
not thinking about it hard enough.