[Crisp] Clarification for error situations needed

Marcos Sanz/Denic <sanz@denic.de> Fri, 26 May 2006 12:06 UTC

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Subject: [Crisp] Clarification for error situations needed
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Dear all,

We are trying to get some corner cases of our DCHK implementation right. 
This one tracks back to IRIS core itself and is about sending an 
inexistent/not supported registryType or entityClass in a query to a 
server, for instance:

    <lookupEntity registryType="inexistent_type_here" 
entityName="denic.de" entityClass="inexistent_class_here"/>

I am unsure about what the correct answer from the server would be.

VeriSign's IRIS server quits with a BEEP error 501, but this doesn't seem 
right to me: RFC 3080 defines 501 as "syntax error in parameters (e.g., 
non-valid XML)" and illustrates with two examples, in which *BEEP's own 
XML* contains wrong parameters, not the XML of the application being 
transported. This latter approach being sound for me: we shouldn't start 
mixing up errors of different layers.

To be able to solve this at the IRIS layer itself, we have the codeTypes 
<invalidName> and <invalidSearch> in RFC 3981:

  o  <invalidName> -- A name given in a query is not syntactically 
  o  <invalidSearch> -- Parameters of the corresponding query are not 
semantically meaningful.

But I am not sure which one should apply here: A "name" was rather meant 
to be an "entity name", I don't think this to be the correct error code. 
OTOH, values of query attributes are somehow "parameters" of the "query" 
(it's actually not a query, but a lookup, however that should not be 
relevant here). 

Alternatively a more neutral

   o  <nameNotFound> -- The name given in a query does not match a known 

could be returned, since at the end of the day, the lack of a match is 
true. But then the futility of further queries for that registryType or 
entityClass is not communicated to the client.

You see: two RFC authors, two different implementations. What do you 
think? And what are doing other implementations out there?

Best regards,

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