Editorial Changes to the DECnet Phase IV MIB

Jon Saperia <saperia@tcpjon.tay.dec.com> Thu, 07 October 1993 16:37 UTC

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Subject: Editorial Changes to the DECnet Phase IV MIB
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 93 11:33:02 -0400
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From: Jon Saperia <saperia@tcpjon.tay.dec.com>
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The following is a summary of our status.  As you may remember, we
posted a document to the internet-drafts in the summer with the
recommendation that the Directorate evaluate it for elevation to draft
standard status. 

Since that time the Directorate has completed a review of the document
and they wanted some editorial changes made.  These changes have been
completed and I plan on having the document reposted today.  It is that
document which will be reviewed by the IESG. 

Just so that everyone is aware of these edits, below is an extract of a
new section of the document which is required.  It outlines the changes
that were recommended.  All of the changes we discussed are included.
These are not changes made since our posting, just a documentation of the
changes made to RFC1289.

In addition, the editorial and format changes that Marshall Rose and
Jeff Case suggested are also outlined. 

> 2.  Changes from RFC 1289
> Several changes have been made to this document.  These changes
> include:
> (1)  Ranges have been added on all PhivCounter types to remove
>      ambiguity which might otherwise have occurred.
> (2)  Made clear that all indexes start with 1 and count up.
> (3)  Spelling and typographic changes.
> (4)  Changes to improve consistency with other documents including
>      the removal of subranging within definitions of sequences
>      defining table entries.
> (5)  Updated compliance text to conform to current practice.
> (6)  Fixed discrepancy between description and range clause for
>      phivControlMaxBuffs.
> (7)  Added a space that was missing between SYNTAX and INTEGER in the
>      phivRouteType object.
> (8)  Both phivRouteType and phivRouteSystemAddr have been made
>      obsolete.  They have been replaced with phivRouteRoutingType
>      and phivRouteSystemAddress which are both read-write objects.
> (9)  A new Adjacency table has been added as adjacency 2.  This
>      table is identical to the original except that
>      phivAdjExecListenTimer was not carried into the new version.
>      The existing Adjacency table and all objects in it have been
>      made obsolete.  The index to the new table is
>      phivAdjNodeCircuitIndex and phivAdjAddr.
> (10) Objects phivCountersCountDataBlocksRecd and
>      phivCountersCountDataBlocksSent have both been made obsolete
>      since the DESCRIPTION information overlapped with the
>      phivCountersCountDataBlksRecd and
>      phivCountersCountDataBlksSent objects which have been
>      retained.
> (11) The following groups have been moved from mandatory to
>      optional status: Session, End, DDCMP, DDCMP Multipoint
>      Circuit Control, Counters, and Non Broadcast Line.
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