Re: [dhcwg] dhcpv6-24: comparing client parameters and server state

Ralph Droms <> Thu, 09 May 2002 00:02 UTC

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Subject: Re: [dhcwg] dhcpv6-24: comparing client parameters and server state
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At 11:07 AM 5/8/2002 -0400, Thomas Narten wrote:
> > 18.2.2. Receipt of Confirm messages
> >
> >    When the server receives a Confirm message, the client is requesting
> >    confirmation that the configuration information it will use is valid.
> >    The server locates the binding for that client and compares the
> >    information in the Confirm message from the client to the information
> >    associated with that client.
>Couple of thoughts. The document doesn't really define "compare". Do
>the Lifetimes have to be equal? I would assume not, but this is not

OK - the clarification should, I think, be that the server compares the
addresses only and ignores the lease expiration time.

>Also, does the Confirm include *only* IAs that were assigned by that
>server? If not, seems like confirm will fail (i.e, if a client has IAs
>from different servers). Is the text clear on this? (I don't bthink
>the text says only include IAs allocated from the server to which the
>confirm is being sent.)
>Some clarifying text would seem to be needed here.

The Confirm message is multicast and received by potentially more
than one server.  I think each server only checks the IAs that it
(the server) has a record of.

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