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"Tim Friesen" <tim.friesen@mysolutions.biz> Tue, 04 June 2002 21:55 UTC

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Hi there.  I am trying to configure a specialized dhcp server for my
network.  The server is being used in conjunction with ip masquerading and a
transparent web proxy for a school.  It has one external network interface,
and 2 internal network interfaces, each on different subnets.  I want to
create 2 completely separate networks, one for students, and one for
teachers.  The reason for this is because of content filtering for the
students on one interface, and no filtering on the other interface, used for
administration/teacher use.  I am wondering how i can create a dhcp
configuration on my redhat 7.3 server, that will assign the appropriate ip
address to a connected host depending on what internal interface of the
server they are connected to.

for example: eth1 on my server lies on the subnet with mask of  i want to assign ip address in the range
for that interface.  the other interface (eth2) lies on with
mask  Is there a way to specify manually what interface can
assign addresses to one subnet and the other assign addresses to the other

Thanks for you help.

Tim Friesen
Linux +
Computer Service

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