New Version of Catalog Available

Ruth Lang <rlang@NISC.SRI.COM> Fri, 15 November 1991 03:09 UTC

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Subject: New Version of Catalog Available
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 91 19:08:24 GMT
From: Ruth Lang <rlang@NISC.SRI.COM>
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A new version of the document "A Catalog of Available X.500
Implementations" is available via anonymous ftp from two sites:

Please note that this version differs from the current Internet-Draft,
i.e., the current version of the document can only be obtained from
the two sites listed above.

This version reflects changes made based on feedback received at the
July meeting of DISI.  We will request that the Internet-Draft be
updated after IETF, and with the group's approval, also request that
it be progressed toward FYI status.

Please make a copy of this document and review it before our meeting
on 11/18/91.  Russ Wright and I will describe the changes made to it
and will welcome further open discussion on it.

Ruth Lang