SMTP draft Issues

DRUMS WG Chair <> Sat, 29 July 2000 00:10 UTC

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Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 17:08:58 -0700
From: DRUMS WG Chair <>
To: "Detailed Revision/Update of Message Standards" <>
Subject: SMTP draft Issues
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"suggested revision for MUST/SHOULD"
	Debate Open, proposal for rough concensus pending

"Conflict between X.1.9(iv) and literal interpretation of draft-12"
	Debate Closed, only 2 explicit supporters of proposed text

"2nd suggested revision for MUST/SHOULD"
	(replacement language for "fully conforming")
	Debate Closed, only 3 explicit supporters of proposed text

These are the only issues I'm currently tracking.  If you want some other 
issue to be considered, please start a new subject and include proposed 
changes to the text in the SMTP draft.

Please don't debate an issue until we have at least 4 posts expressing 
support (including the original proposer).  This work is so overdue that 
I'm experimenting with somewhat heavy-handed procedures to avoid 
unnecessary debate and simplify issue tracking.  Feel free to send comments 
on procedural issues to me privately.

		- DRUMS WG Chair