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Dong Ligang <> Tue, 01 July 2008 02:11 UTC

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From: Dong Ligang <>
Subject: Re: LFB library
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Dear Aron,
My research group has provided more LFB definition. Please check enclosed file that have been submitted to ForCES group.
Yes, NPF FAPI can be a good reference for defining LFBs.
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主题: LFB library

Hello all,

What is the overall status of the LFB library?  Joel was kind enough  
to point me to draft-halpern-forces-lfblibrary-vpn-00.txt, but I am  
also interested to know if there are other LFB definitions floating  
around out there.

Is it possible to reuse aspects of NPF FAPIs to accelerate the  
formation of an LFB library?  I am guessing that this was discussed at  
one point, but I was not around for the discussion.