Addition to the current IAFA draft

Markus Stumpf <> Sat, 15 January 1994 03:31 UTC

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Hello folx,

is this list still alive?
Haven't heard anything on it for a while now, especially comments on my
corrections/suggestions to the current draft a while back.

Anyway ...
in Germany we currently have an initiative to coordinate mirroring of
software, mainly those that is fetched from outside of Germany,
e.g. from various US sites.

After some short discussion in the news I decided to write a short
paragraph conform to the current draft and send it here for discussion.
Instead of Access-Host-Name:, Access-Host-Port:, Access-Protocol: and
Pathname: I decided to use the more modern fashioned URL approach.

I'd be glad if this could make it in the next draft.

 Markus Stumpf                        Markus.Stumpf@Informatik.TU-Muenchen.DE 



Filename for this index file (naming scheme 1):  AFA-MIRROR

Any number of these files may exist in the archive.

Template-Type:			MIRROR

Admin-(USER*):			Contact information of the individual or
				group responsible for administering this
				mirror unit

Admin-(ORGANIZATION*):		Information on organization responsible
				for this mirror unit

Title:				The title of the package

Description:			Text describing the package

Record-Last-Modified-(USER*):	Contact information for individual who last
				modified this record

Record-Last-Modified-Date:	The date this record was last modified

Record-Last-Verified-(USER*):	Contact information for individual or group
				last verifying this record was accurate

Record-Last-Verified-Date:	The date this record was last verified

Reference-Location-v*:		The starting point. This is the initial
				site the package can be found of.
				As there may be more than one file or
				directory belonging to this package this
				is a -v* type. Specified as an URL.   <1>

Source-Location-v*:		The location the package is mirrored from.
				This may itself be a mirror site of
				Reference-Location or another Source-Location.
				Specified as an URL.

Destination-Location-v*:	The location the package can be found locally.
				Specified as an URL.

Timezone:			The timezone this site is in. (see section
				3.3 of this document)

Update-Frequency:		The Source-Site is checked each this number
				of days or on these days.    <2>

Update-Time:			The time of the day the update is started.
				This is important for chained updates, i.e.
				sites using this site as Source-Location.

Update-Policy:			This is how the update is done. There are
				a few valid keywords. See <3> for mores

Update-Filename-Translation:	Substitute expression. This may used to
				reorganize e.g. a flat directory on
				Source-Location into various subdirectories
				on Destination-Location.

Update-Transfer-Pattern:	A regular expression. Only files matching this
				pattern on Source-Location will be

Update-Exclude-Pattern:		A regular expression. Files matching this
				pattern on Source-Location will not be

Update-Compression-Pattern:	A regular expression. Used for packing or
				re-packing files being updated/fetched.  <4>
Update-Software:		Name and version of the software used
				for the automatic updates.

<1> The -v* form is especially useful, if you mirror a package within a
    directory called "path", but you don't mirror the whole "path", but
    only the "src" and "doc" subdirectories.

<2> This may be any number or one or more of the (comma seperated) words
    "Mon", "Tue", Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat" or "Sun"

<3> Valid keywords are:
      autodelete	- files be automatically deleted, when they are
			  no longer found on Source-Location
      sizechange	- file will also be updated if only the size
			  but not the time changed on the Source-Location.
      newer		- file will be updated if the file on
			  Source-Location is newer than the one on
      maxdays=num	- file will not be fetched/updated if its modification
			  time has a difference bigger than <num> days to the
			  file on Destination-Location.
      recursive		- directories will be mirrored recursively (otherwise
			  only the contents of the "flat" directory will
			  be updated and no subdirectories will be checked).

<4> This specifies whether e.g. *.tar files will be packed (and therefor
    renamed) to *.tar.Z or *.tar.gz, or whether e.g. *.Z files will be packed
    and renamed to *.gz


This is an example of a AFA-MIRROR file.

Template-Type:			MIRROR
Admin-Name:			John Long Silver
Admin-Home-Phone:		+1 222 333 4567
Admin-Organization-Name:	The Pirates Club
Title:				The ultimate treasury package
Description:			This package helps you to become rich, and
	richer and richer. It shows how to collect money and hide it from
	anyone within your computer. You can use a program from this package
        to materialize the money again, later.
Record-Last-Modified-Name:	Sailor One
Record-Last-Modified-Date:	Sat Jan 15 02:47:57 MEZ 1994
Record-Last-Verified-Name:	Sailer Two
Record-Last-Verified-Date:	Sat Jan 15 02:48:31 MEZ 1854
Destination-Location-v0:	ftp://ftp.jamaica/pub/coins/
Destination-Location-v1:	ftp://ftp.jamaica/pub/coins/
Timezone:			-0700
Update-Frequency:		Mon, Wed, Fri
Update-Time:			02:00
Update-Policy:			sizechange, maxdays=14, recursive
Update-Filename-Translation:	s:(.*)(gold/|silver/)(.*):$1$2:;
Update-Transfer-Pattern:	.*dollar.*
Update-Exclude-Pattern:		.*penny.*
Update-Software:		coin-transfer, version 3.17