Re: Comments on draft-ietf-iiir-publishing-01.txt

Martijn Koster <> Thu, 30 June 1994 22:04 UTC

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I wrote:

> After ... doing some implementation work ... I have
> noted down some comments

Tonight I ran my checker against the ALIWEB database, and that
exposed some more issues:

Not all templates have Record-Last{Modified,Verfied}-{(USER*),Date}
fields... they should have, maybe they can be added to 3.6.3

It says in 3.1 that fields starting with '#' are to be ignored by
software. While this on the face of it seems a mechanism for
comments, it isn't as flexible as expected: the line must still
be a valid <field>:<value> line. This means I need to do

	#Comment: blah

instead of just

	# Blah

like people are used to in shell. Maybe there is scope for separate
mechanism for these two requirements, like using "X-" for unused
fields and '#' for general comments, but I'm not too worried about
this point.

Oh, and it looks like there is a need for a checker; the index files
produced for ALIWEB did have quite a number of minor and major
problems... :-) I do hope this spec can be finalised soon, then I can
start some cleaning up...

-- Martijn
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