Re: Half-way Summary (Was: Re: Draft progression)

Martijn Koster <> Sun, 25 September 1994 22:40 UTC

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I wondered before:

> Question about production: The pages on the table of contents are now
> probably wrong, and how do I fix them depends on the production: what
> do we have to do with this to submit this as an RFC? Produce an nroff
> version? I'll read the relevant RFC's, but suggestions are welcome.

Groan; rfc1543 says it is nroff, and not having used it for years I
forgot quite how messy it gets :-/ I'm working on it, feel free to
have a look at <URL:> for
work in progress. The only thing is that the TOC and references are
now completely out of whack...

rfc1543 also dictates some other sections...

Oh, and as found by Andreas Borchert, "whoch" should of course be

-- Martijn
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