about use of AFA format

Rafal Maszkowski <rzm@oso.chalmers.se> Fri, 26 August 1994 21:39 UTC

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Subject: about use of AFA format
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      The following is a list of generic data element subcomponents used
      when referring to particular resources. These can be added to any
      of the templates described below.

Can they be added many times? I guess not..

It would be convenient to have multiple Description-v* and URI-v* (and
others) in SERVICE template. I'm maintaining a list of network
resources in Poland
http://www.ict.pwr.wroc.pl/pzs/pzs.html) in my own format and for me it
seems to be more natural to have possibility to specify various access
types to e.g. to X.500 gate through telnet, gopher and WWW in one
template.  They (access methods) are equivalent in the same way as
document.txt and document.ps are.

The same with mailing lists - the running list itself and its archive
isn't exatly the same but I would prefer to have information about
subscribing and ftp achives URIs, listserv archive URI and comment,
gopher archives URIs and News group URI in one template. Mailing list
and Usenet group where is it gatewayed to are obviously equivalent.

Another use of multiple URI-v*s etc. would be in LARCHIVE. It is always
possible to create a separate template for every possible
URI/package/area available in the archive and this is closer to the
idea of the format but example of LARCHIVE shows that Keywords fiels
has several topics included. Why not to have also URIs for all or some
of them in the same template?

      Notes on this file.

      <1> The Internet protocol used to communicate with this service.

I don't see any previous <1> in this section.

      Example 2
      URI-v0:           gopher://power.org/1/pub/Vfifth.tar.Z

I think it should be:
      URI-v0:           gopher://power.org/00/pub/Vfifth.tar.Z


IMHO it would be better to add UR[IL]s to all entries.

My General Remarks

The order of the fields is not specified (if I'm not wrong). It is
good because I'd like to have always Title field as the first one
to make  waisindex -t para  returning these lines in my gopher..
(like gopher://gopher.mat.uni.torun.pl/77/sieci-w-pl/.lists/index

PS. Excuse me if something of the above have been discussed before.
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