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Martijn Koster <> Wed, 23 March 1994 10:27 UTC

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From: Martijn Koster <>

> I'd also sent some comments about collapsing some of the tags using URLs
> like e.g.:
> Access-Protocol-v*
> Access-Host-Name-v*
> Access-Host-Port-v*
> Pathname-v*
> This could be all put in one tag using a URL:
>   protocol://hostname:port/pathname

This may not work for protocols that haven't got URL's defined for
them (ie X.500). In cases where it can be done it would be very useful.
In fact, that is what ALIWEB uses.

> There are some efforts in using IAFA stuff:
> See:
> o
>      or more specifically
>      (on this page Martijn has also notes on some problems he's having).

Thanks for the mention. Yes, I was wondering about the next version of
the draft too, compared to other drafts there seems to be little
active discussion. People regularly discuss extended the templates for
WWW indexing use, there is a danger there will be further changes that
go against the IAFA templates.

-- Martijn
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