Protocol Action: TN3270 Enhancements to Draft Standard

The IESG <> Wed, 27 May 1998 11:22 UTC

Subject: Protocol Action: TN3270 Enhancements to Draft Standard
From: The IESG <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 07:22:49 -0400
Message-Id: <>
Content-Type: text/plain

The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft 'TN3270 Enhancements'
<draft-ietf-tn3270e-ver2-enhance-01.txt> as a Draft Standard, replacing
RFC1647 (currently a Proposed Standard. This document is the product of
the Telnet TN3270 Enhancements Working Group.  The IESG contact persons
are Patrik Falkstrom and Keith Moore.

In the same action, the IESG reclassified RFC1041 (Telnet 3270 regime
option) as Historic.

Technical Summary

 This document describes extensions/enhancements to telnet to allow
 it to deal with 3270 terminals (or emulators) and hosts that like
 to talk to such things.  This is a draft-standard update for RFC 1647,
 which has been revised based on implementation experience by a
 number of different vendors.

Working Group Summary

 The WG is happy with this document, and has long since moved on
 to discussing other things.

Protocol Quality

 Keith Moore reviewed the spec for IESG.

Implementation Information
Matrix of TN3270E features

FEATURE              SV#1       SV#2    CV#1    CV#2
NULL TN3270E Operation:
                        x       x       x       x
TN3270E Negotiation:
        ASSOCIATE       x       x       x       x
          CONNECT       x       x       x       x
       BIND-IMAGE       x       x       x       x
  DATA-STREAM_CTL       x       x       x       x
        RESPONSES       x       x       x       x
    SCS-CTL-CODES       x       x       x       x
           SYSREQ       x       x       x       x
       LU type  1       x       x       x       x
       LU type  2       x       x       x       x
       LU type  3       x       x       x       x

x == implemented and interoperable.

SV#1 = IBM
SV#2 = OpenConnect Systems
CV#1 = IBM
CV#2 = NetManage

All the above implementations have different source code bases and

Please note that there are other implementations that support all the
features except ASSOCIATE. These include a server implementation from
Cisco Systems, and client implementations from WRQ, Zephyr, Wall Data,

The interoperability (above) and robustness of the spec has been
demonstrated at the last two TIEs (TN3270 Interoperability Events),
held at the Cisco Systems RTP, North Carolina, USA location.