Call for Consensus: IETF Administrative Restructuring

Harald Alvestrand <> Wed, 27 October 2004 00:39 UTC

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Subject: Call for Consensus: IETF Administrative Restructuring
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The IAB and IESG have considered the input and feedback of the IETF community to
date, including discussions on the IETF mailing and the results of the straw
poll conducted in mid-October.  Based on this input, the IAB and IESG have
written a specific recommendation about how to go forward with this work, and
have published it as an Internet-Draft:

- IAB and IESG Recommendation for IETF Administrative Restructuring

We believe that the IETF community opinion has converged on a rough consensus
to restructure our administrative support activity as described in this
recommendation ("Scenario O"), and we are sending out this Call for Consensus in
order to verify that such a consensus exists.
Verifying this consensus will allow the IAB and IESG to focus our efforts on
executing the AdminRest transition plan and on refining and completing the IASA

Once we have a verified consensus, we will publish the recommendation document
as an Informational RFC for the historical record.

If you disagree with our determination of IETF consensus, or if you have any
other comments on this consensus call or on the document describing the
recommendation, please send them to the IETF mailing list ( by
Monday, November 8, 2004.


The document that is our working document for the IASA BCP is published as an

- Structure of the IETF Administrative Support Activity (IASA)

This document is not ready for Last Call, and we expect it to be substantially
revised based on community feedback and discussion.

Our plan for carrying out the restructuring is made public on the AdminRest web
page at <>. One snapshot of it (current
as of this writing) is also a current internet-draft:

- Proposed Transition Plan for IETF Administrative Restructuring

This document will not be published as an RFC.

Harald & Leslie
(for the IESG & IAB)

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