[IRTF-Announce] New RG: Transport Modeling Research Group

Aaron Falk <falk@ISI.EDU> Tue, 16 August 2005 02:51 UTC

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Transport Modeling Research Group (TMRG)


  The Transport Modeling Research Group (TMRG) is chartered to produce
  a series of documents on Models for the Evaluation of Transport
  Protocols.  The documents will include a survey of models used in
  simulations, analysis, and experiments for the evaluation of
  transport protocols.  The output of the research group will also
  include a broad set of simulation test suites, and a set of
  recommendations for test suites for experiments in test beds.  The
  goal of the work is to improve our methodologies for evaluating
  transport protocols.

  The first set of documents will consider models for the evaluation
  of congestion control mechanisms.  This work will include the
  simulation test suites and recommendations for experiments mentioned
  above.  Later documents are expected to address models for the
  evaluation of other aspects of transport protocols (e.g., connection
  establishment, security, perhaps QoS mechanisms).

  The models produced by this group will not have any formal
  relationship to the IETF standards process.  That is, this research
  group will not produce recommendations for the IETF on using
  simulation or experimental test suites to evaluate transport-related
  features for standardization.  At the same time, one intended use of
  the test suites is for comparative evaluations of different proposed
  congestion control mechanisms.

  This research group is not chartered to discuss the design of new
  congestion control mechanisms, or to discuss modifications to
  existing congestion control mechanisms, except in terms of the
  models needed for the evaluation of such mechanisms.  The group is
  also not chartered to produce evaluations of specific congestion
  control mechanisms.


  Sally Floyd, floyd@acm.org

Mail List:

  The email list is "tmrg-interest@icsi.berkeley.edu".  You need to be
  a list member to send mail to the list. To subscribe, visit the tmrg
  mailing list page at
  or send an email to "tmrg-interest-request@icsi.berkeley.edu".  An
  archive of the email list is available at the tmrg mailing list web

Web Site:

  The web site is at "http://www.icir.org/tmrg".


  Membership is open to any interested parties who intend to remain
  current with the published documents and mailing list issues.  The
  group is expected to function largely through the mailing list,
  possibly without any face-to-face meetings.

Informal Note:

  A draft for a possible first document, Metrics for the Evaluation of
  Congestion Control Mechanisms, is available from
  document discusses various metrics used in evaluations of congestion
  control mechanisms for the Internet.

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