Mapping trees populated

Kevin Jordan <> Fri, 20 January 1995 00:05 UTC

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Subject: Mapping trees populated
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From: Kevin Jordan <>
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One of the actions assigned to me at the MHS-DS meeting in San Jose was to
establish and populate the X.400/RFC 822 Mapping tree.  I am pleased to
announce that this has been done.  The following new subtree of the Internet
DIT has been created:

         ou=X.400/RFC 822 Mapping, o=Internet

This subtree contains the following two subtrees:

    cn=X.400 to RFC 822, ou=X.400/RFC 822 Mapping, o=Internet

    cn=RFC 822 to X.400, ou=X.400/RFC 822 Mapping, o=Internet

These subtrees have been fully populated from the rfc1327 tables (mapping1,
mapping2, and gateway tables) obtained from the ftp server at

Currently, the master DSA for this tree is cn=Long Bud, c=US.  We plan to
bring another DSA on-line in Europe soon and make this DSA the master.  The
Long Bud DSA will then become a slave DSA for this mapping information.

If you browse this subtree and find any problems, please post a message to
this list.