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Item Subject: Reply: ADMD=space
			US-NMTS Survey

		Vendor Support for X.400 Single Space Service

Company Name: Hewlett Packard Limited

Product Name (Including version number): OpenMail (B.02.00)

Product Description: Multiplatform software application, providing
                     standards based messaging services.  

Operating System(s) Supported: HPUX, AIX, SCO, AViiON 

1984 or 1988 X.400: BOTH

Availability Date (General customer availability): Now

Support for ADMD=" ":

	Yes: X


	Yes, with restrictions(explain):  None

	Future (Include date and version number)

If you answered yes to support for ADMD=" " please answer the following:

	If your software performs logging, will it log originator's O/R
        address, MPDU identifier and previous/next hop GDI ?


	If the next hop is an ADMD will you put the actual ADMD name in GDI?

	Up to the user ( Not sure what the question actually means)

	Does your user agent software provide a means for users to specify and
        display a single space value for the ADMD attribute in an O/R address?


	Does your user agent software pass a single space (not multiple spaces)
        to the MTA?

	Single space

Are you willing to test your product with various ADMDs and PRMDs supporting 
the single space service?


Are you willing to commit resources to support a pilot?

If there is sufficient business justification.  

Technical Contact Name, Telephone number: 

Marketing Contact Name, Telephone number: Alex Wilson 011 44 344 763515

Any additional comments?