Minutes of Boston's meeting

Daisy Shen <daisy@watson.ibm.com> Fri, 24 July 1992 20:51 UTC

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From: Daisy Shen <daisy@watson.ibm.com>
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Subject: Minutes of Boston's meeting

Current Meeting Report

Reported by Daisy Shen/IBM

Netdata Minutes

The Netdata Working Group, Chaired by Daisy Shen(IBM) met at Boston.
The working group met on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon.  Both
sessions were well attended.  The purpose of these sessions was to
revise the current Internet Drafts and discuss other vendors' efforts.

During the first session, Daisy Shen presented the first half of Netdata
Internet Drafts in details, and led the discussion on various issues
that are related to the netdata drafts.  Netdata members made some
changes on the drafts.  Daisy Shen will revise the drafts according to
the suggestions.  It will be reflected in the next version.
Scott Newman presented a high level view of the effort of SQL Access
Group's work.

During the second session, Daisy Shen finished presenting the drafts and
did a demo which was implemented according to the drafts.
Both John Wayner and Hank Nussbacha volunteered to go over the current
drafts and make them look more like Internet drafts.
Members have set a criteria for the protocol.  They are
  1. Standard SQL
  2. Local & remote transparency
  3. Security
  4. Authentication
  5. Data Compression
  6. Specification Completeness
  7. Integrity
  8. Recovery

Due to the limited time during the meeting sessions, all members agreed
to have discussion over the netdata mailing list.  The topics are
  1. Unit of work
  2. Security for data
  3. Mapping
  4. Pros and cons of Netdata's drafts and the SQL Access Group's work
  5. What's missing
  6. Standardize error messages
  7. Adapt the pros and put them together
  8. Any issue related to Network Database
  9. Join meetings between IETF and the SQL Access Group