Clearinghouse back up and running

Lou Rosenfeld <> Wed, 19 January 1994 23:09 UTC

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(apologies for cross-post duplications, but I've been swamped with 

The Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides 
experienced server problems much of the last week.  The server is now 
fixed, so access via Anonymous FTP, Gopher, and WorldWideWeb/Mosaic has 
been restored.

If you're not familiar with the Clearinghouse, please take a look (I'll
attach access instructions below).  Located at the University of Michigan,
the Clearinghouse serves as a central location for topical Internet
guides.  Efforts are made to keep the most current versions, and to
provide wide access via the tools mentioned above.  The guides are
WAIS-indexed for full-text searching.  If you are a system builder,
Internet trainer, or Internet user with a specific topic in mind, you may
find information of interest in the Clearinghouse.  If you are an author
of such a guide, please consider sending it to for
inclusion in the Clearinghouse.  Monthly usage statistics are provided to
authors.  More information is available about this project within the
Clearinghouse itself. 

Access information and a list of guides currently available from the 
Clearinghouse follows.

Louis Rosenfeld
School of Information and Library Studies             
University of Michigan                                   voice (313) 747-3581
403B West Engineering                                      fax (313) 764-2475
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1092

University of Michigan
     University Library
     School of Information and Library Studies

How to Access Resource Guides available from the

Access to these guides is available via Anonymous FTP,
Gopher, and WorldWideWeb/Mosaic (see below).  From 
within Gopher, a WAIS index of the full text of these
guides is searchable.


anonymous FTP:
            path:  /inetdirsstacks
            (a key to the file names is available from
            the FTPable file .README-FOR-FTP)

              =>What's New and Featured Resources

Gopher .link file:
Name=Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides (UMich)

Uniform Resource Locators (URL):


Guides Currently Available from the Clearinghouse

	Adult/Distance Education; J. Ellsworth; 12/08/93 
	Aerospace Engineering; C. Poterala, D. Dalquist; 12/15/93 (UMich)
	Agriculture; W. Drew; v2; 10/14/93
	Animals; K. Boschert; v2.0; 11/25/93 
	Anthropology, Education; D. Kovacs; v7; 09/93
	Archaeology, Historic Preservation; P. Stott; v1.1; 01/11/94 
	Architecture, Building; J. Brown; 11/93 
	Archives; D. Anthony, N. Kayne; v1; 12/93 (UMich) 
	Biological Sciences; D. Kovacs; v7; 09/93
	Bisexual; A. Hamilton; 01/94
	Black/African; A. McGee; 01/94
	Book Discussions & Reviews; S. Allen, G. Krug; v1; 12/93 (UMich)
	Buddhism; T.M. Ciolek; 11/24/93
	Business, Economics; T. Austin, K. Tsang; 12/93 (UMich)
	Business, Misc. Academia, News; D. Kovacs; v7; 09/93
	Business; C. Newton-Smith
	Chemistry; G. Wiggins; 12/05/93 
	Computer-Mediated Communication; J. December; v3.15; 12/15/93
	Computing; D. Kovacs; v7; 09/93
	Conservation; D. Wendling, J. Christianson; v2; 11/93 
	Diversity; L. Heise; 08/93 (UMich)
	Earth Sciences; B. Thoen; v2.1; 05/92
	East Europe; Z. Pasek; v4.0; 12/14/92 (UMich)
	Economics; B. Goffe; v4; 12/12/93
	Education; vol 1 (LISTSERVs); J. Harris; v2; 08/05/93 
	Education; vol 2 (telnets); J. Harris; v2; 08/05/93 
	Education; vol 3 (FTP); J. Harris; v2; 08/05/93 
	Education; vol 4 (infusion ideas); J. Harris; v2; 08/05/93 
	Educators; (Usenet newsgroups); P. Smith; 01/93 
	Educators; (e-mail lists); P. Smith; 08/29/93 
	Environment; T. Murphy, C. Briggs-Erickson; v1; 12/15/93 (UMich)
	Film and Video; K. Garlock, L. Wood; v1.0; 12/5/93 (UMich) 
	Geography, Library and Information Science; D. Kovacs; v7; 09/93
	German History; K. McBride; 08/93 (UMich)
	Government, Politics; B. Gumprecht; v1; 09/27/93 
	Health Sciences; L. Hancock; 09/06/93
	Health Sciences; N. Martin, P. Redman, G. Oren; 04/93 (UMich)
	Higher Education; H. Weise; 04/93 (UMich)
	Journalism; J. Makulowich; v2.6; 09/20/93 
	Law; E. Heels; v2.1; 11/17/93
	Law; J. Milles; 12/16/93
	Law; M. Jensen
	Library; C. Bailey; 08/17/93
	Linguistics, Political Science; D. Kovacs; v7; 09/93
	Magick, Mysticism; F. Nigris; v1.0; 04/29/93
	Math & Science Education; T.C. O'Haver; v1.2; 10/29/93
	Multiple Subjects (Gopher Jewels); D. Riggins; 12/15/93 
	Multiple Subjects; Suranet; 09/93 
	Networks & Communities; S. Sternberg; 12/05/93 
	Neurosciences; S. Bonario, S. Cormicle; v1; 12/93 (UMich)
	Personal Finance; A. Chambers, C. Kummer; v1.01; 01/10/94 (UMich)
	Philosophy; P. Morville, S. Clark; v2; 11/19/93 (UMich)
	Physical Sciences; D. Kovacs; v7; 09/93
	Popular Music; R. McKenzie, V. Coleman; v1; 12/08/93 (UMich)
	Psychology, Writing; D. Kovacs; v7; 09/93
	Public Policy; S. Kirk, D. Blair; v1; 12/16/93 (UMich)
	Religion; M. Fraser; 08/93
	Religious Studies; vol. 1; M. Strangelove; 10/92
	Religious Studies; vol. 3; M. Strangelove; 10/92
	Social Science; vol. 1; T.M. Ciolek; 07/20/93
	Social Science; vol. 2; T.M. Ciolek; 07/20/93
	Theater, Performance; K. McCoy; 12/13/93 
	Theater; D. Torres, M. Vander Kolk; v1; 12/15/93 (UMich)
	US Federal Government; M. Parhamovich; v0.5; 10/93 
	US Politics; T. Block; 08/93 (UMich)
	West European History & Culture; E. Welsch; v2.0; 06/93
	Women's Studies, Feminism; L. Hunt; v2; 10/93 (UMich)
	Writing; L. Detweiler; v1.1; 09/15/93