WG moved to other area

Alf Hansen <Alf.Hansen@delab.sintef.no> Tue, 19 January 1993 11:46 UTC

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Subject: WG moved to other area


Can you take as your action to remove the "pilot" from the ietf-osi-c400ops
addresses in the directory at cnri?

> X.400 Operations (x400ops)
>    Chair(s):  Alf  Hansen <Alf.Hansen@delab.sintef.no>
>               Tony  Genovese <genovese@es.net>
>    WG mail:   <ietf-osi-x400ops@pilot.cs.wisc.edu>
>    To Join:   <ietf-osi-x400ops-request@pilot.cs.wisc.edu>

Should be:

   WG mail:   <ietf-osi-x400ops@cs.wisc.edu>
   To Join:   <ietf-osi-x400ops-request@cs.wisc.edu>

Alf H