WG moved to other area

Erik Huizer <Erik.Huizer@surfnet.nl> Mon, 18 January 1993 06:34 UTC

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Subject: WG moved to other area
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The OSI integration are is no longer. As most of you know Dave and I
discussed for a long time the option of truely integrating the various
WGs within their related areas instead of keeping them separate. This
has now been done. I include an excerpt from the Internet Monthly
report, you may have missed.

     2. After reviewing the increased intertwining of OSI activities
        with the work in the other areas, the IESG has decided to adjust
        the area boundaries to integrate most of the current OSI
        activities with the Applications and Internet areas. Dave
        Piscitello will join Phil Almquist and Stev Knowles as a co-
        director of the Internet Area, and Erik Huizer will join Russ
        Hobby as a co-director of the Applications Area. All of the
        current work in progress is continuing unchanged.

I enclose an excerpt from the file 1wg-summary ftp-able from the ietf
directory at ietf.cnri.reston.va.us, to show where the various WGs
ended up:

           IETF Working Group Summary (by Area)

                 Applications Area (app)
            Russ Hobby      <rdhobby@ucdavis.edu>
            Erik Huizer   <huizer@surfnet.nl>

MHS-DS (mhsds)
   Chair(s):  Kevin  Jordan <kej@udev.cdc.com>
              Harald  Alvestrand <Harald.Alvestrand@delab.sintef.no>
   WG mail:   <mhs-ds@mercury.udev.cdc.com>
   To Join:   <mhs-ds-request@mercury.udev.cdc.com>

MIME-MHS Interworking (mimemhs)
   Chair(s):  Steve  Thompson <sjt@gateway.ssw.com>
   WG mail:   <mime-mhs@surfnet.nl>
   To Join:   <mime-mhs-request@surfnet.nl>

OSI Directory Services (osids)
   Chair(s):  Steve  Hardcastle-Kille <s.kille@isode.com>
   WG mail:   <ietf-osi-ds@cs.ucl.ac.uk>
   To Join:   <ietf-osi-ds-request@cs.ucl.ac.uk>

Office Document Architecture (oda)
   Chair(s):  Peter  Kirstein <P.Kirstein@cs.ucl.ac.uk>
   WG mail:   <ietf-osi-oda@cs.ucl.ac.uk>
   To Join:   <ietf-osi-oda-request@cs.ucl.ac.uk>

X.400 Operations (x400ops)
   Chair(s):  Alf  Hansen <Alf.Hansen@delab.sintef.no>
              Tony  Genovese <genovese@es.net>
   WG mail:   <ietf-osi-x400ops@pilot.cs.wisc.edu>
   To Join:   <ietf-osi-x400ops-request@pilot.cs.wisc.edu>

                 Internet Area (int)
            Philip Almquist      <almquist@jessica.stanford.edu>
            Stev Knowles   <stev@ftp.com>
            Dave Piscitello   <dave@sabre.bellcore.com>

SNMP over a Multi-protocol Internet (mpsnmp)
   Chair(s):  Theodore  Brunner <tob@thumper.bellcore.com>
   WG mail:   <snmp-foo@thumper.bellcore.com>
   To Join:   <snmp-foo-request@thumper.bellcore.com>

                 Operational Requirements Area (ops)
            Phill Gross      <pgross@nis.ans.net>
            Bernard Stockman   <boss@ebone.net>

Network OSI Operations (noop)
   Chair(s):  Susan  Hares <skh@merit.edu>
              Cathy  Wittbrodt <cjw@nersc.gov>
   WG mail:   <noop@merit.edu>
   To Join:   <noop-request@merit.edu>