ODIF documents

Goli Montaser-kohsari <G.MontasserKohsari@cs.ucl.ac.uk> Tue, 08 September 1992 16:15 UTC

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Subject: ODIF documents
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 92 16:14:23 +0100
From: Goli Montaser-kohsari <G.MontasserKohsari@cs.ucl.ac.uk>
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Dear All,

UCL has been asked to provide the documents in the info-server as ODIF.
So we will be making available a IETF-ODIF store by the End of the WEEK
(11/9/1992). This store will include the following documents in the info
server as ODIF.


You can get to this store using the following AAM (Automounes Active
Mailbox) command on the X400 Header or SMTP Mail Header.  In the case
of SMTP Mail the return Mail will be uuencoded and requires the
originator of the message to uudecode the ODIF)

L [L]     	Listing of the documents in the server
G "doc ref"     Getting the document from the database using
		the Doc REf Obtain from the List command"

A [OPT] "doc ref" 	Adding an ODIF document to the database
E  "doc ref"	Erasing a document from the Database
		( Only the originator of the
			document is able to do This)

For more information on how to use these  commands and what to expect
on the return message please refer to aam1.ps in the infoserver.

The X400 address for the IETF-ODIF store is
/S=pmoda/ou=cs/o=ucl/PRMD=uk.ac/ADMD=gold 400/c=GB
nd the Interner address is

Best Regards

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