overloading cn= in the DIT

George Michaelson <G.Michaelson@cc.uq.oz.au> Fri, 17 July 1992 04:03 UTC

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Subject: overloading cn= in the DIT
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1992 13:25:37 +1000
From: George Michaelson <G.Michaelson@cc.uq.oz.au>
Sender: G.Michaelson@cc.uq.oz.au
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I'm doing alpha work for somebody on X.500 based
routing for X.400 -Neccessitates making suitable
data be present in the directory.

cn=AnimalName was nice for a pilot, but is a major
bummer in the context of a real-world global tree.
cn=MhsMtaName is just as crocked.

People, ordinary people, have no idea that the global
namespace means that an object called cn=George could
be any of:

	a DSA
	a person
	an MTA
	an arbitrary object co=erced into cn= form

I think this is a chronically bad way to name objects
in the global DIT. cn= should be reserved for one, and
only one kind of naming instance, and more appropriate
nameforms should be used to identify and RDN/DN instantiate
things of a different context.

now I've finished my diatribe, somebody shoot me down in flames.
Please do not include any statement of the form:

	but its specified in the standards...