WLU 2.0 Source Release

Damanjit S Mahl <Damanjit.Mahl@brunel.ac.uk> Wed, 24 January 1996 03:59 UTC

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WLU 2.0 Source Release					  January 19th 1996

A source release of WLU 2.0, an X500 to WWW gateway server, is
now available. This release has been tested on Solaris 2 against
the ISODE Consortium Release 2.0, and SunOS 4.1.x against ISODE-8.0.

WLU is a search interface based on the UFN approach to directory
name resolution. A browsing capability is also present.

The source is publicly available via FTP, with the following

host:	ftp.brunel.ac.uk
dir:	x500
files:	query-1.5-src.tar.Z wlu-2.0-src.tar.Z

You will need to retrieve both archives named above and unpack
them in the same directory.

You can try the Brunel WLU service at:


Cheers, damy

Andrew Findlay	Damy Mahl
Computing and Media Services
Brunel University